Consent Form – ANZAC Day 2022

    Please fill in this form to declare your intention attend the 2022 Anzac Day Parade

    A copy will be sent to yourself, and the Activity Leader.

    Activity Description: ANZAC Day Parade 2022 - Members will meet at the Noel Leemings Car Park at 10:30am, march to Seymour Square for the service, and then march to the RSA Clubs of Marlborough where they will be released to a parent at approx 12:30pm. This is subject to change, so please check when dropping off your youth member.

    Planned Numbers Attending: - Approx 40 Scouting members
    Location of Activity: - Noel Leemings Car Park - Seymour Square - RSA Clubs of Marlborough

    Start Date: - 25th April 2022
    Start Time: - 10:30am
    End Time: - 12:30pm

    Activity will be under the leadership of Andrew Whitt - 021 812 657

    Your Name: (Parent or Guardian)

    I give permission for: (members name) to attend the 2022 Anzac Day Parade

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    I undertake to drop off, and collect my Youth Member at the assigned times and locations as noted above:

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