Cub Camp Kit List

Before each camp, we will supply s specific gear list, but here is an example for a 2 day weekend camp. Please get your Cub to help pack, so they know where everything is. All items should be clearly labelled with the Cub’s name.

Cub Uniform – shirt and scarf
3 pairs of socks, some thick for wellies or walking boots
2 pairs of trousers – not denim
2 pair of shorts
Warm pyjamas
3 t-shirts
1 jumper
1 fleece or very warm jumper
1 raincoat
2 pairs of shoes – sneakers or walking boots
Wash kit – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, flannel, in waterproof washbag with name on
Towel (please label)
Warm Sleeping bag
Depending on time of year – Warm blanket
Roll mat – the tents are not large enough for air beds
Ditty Bag (Plates, Cutlery, tee-towel etc)
Day Pack (or school bag)
Water bottle – labelled
Cake/ cakes/ biscuits in a labelled tin or container to be given to leaders at Campsite.
Any personal medical requirements
Kayakers Only – trainers that can get wet, a swimming towel, a swimming costume or wetsuit, shorts and T-shirt that can be worn over swimming costume or wetsuit to keep the children warm
  • No mobile phones, electronic games, or other gadgets are allowed.
  • It is best to pack a rucksack or soft bag. Suitcases and bin bags are not appropriate. However it is a good idea to use a black bin bag as a “lining” to a rucksack to keep the clothes dry just in case the rucksack gets wet.
  • It can be cold at night. Please send you Cub with appropriate sleeping bag and blanket to ensure they are warm.
  • And no sweets please – see Camp Q & A .


Note: No responsibility for the personal equipment/clothing and effects can be accepted by the camp organisers and The Scout Association does not provide automatic insurance cover in respect to such items.