Attendance and Behaviour Policies

Attendance Policy

Cubs who do not attend regularly lose out by not having the opportunity to complete their badge work, their attendance patterns have a detrimental effect on the rest of their Six and they can create problems for the leaders in organising activities. They are also depriving another child of a place in the Pack. The 14th has a long waiting list.

Any Cub who misses three consecutive weeks without valid reason (principally illness) will immediately forfeit their place in the Pack. Further, any Cub who misses 6 or more weeks in the term, again without a valid reason, will be asked to leave the Pack at the end of term.

Behaviour Policy

The Cubs have developed their own pack rules which will help them to have the most fun at Cubs;

  • Follow the Cub Scout Law, promise and motto in everything we do
  • Show respect to leaders, other Cubs, parents, and guests
  • Listen and pay attention at all times, especially when someone else is speaking
  • Respect other Cubs property and other Cubs at all times
  • Wear Cub uniform and neckers at every meeting unless told otherwise
  • Leave mobile phones, game consoles and other similar devices at home
  • Not allow bullying
  • Have fun!

The Churchward Park Cub Pack operates a three-strike system;

  1. In the first instance of poor behaviour, the cub will be asked to stop by one of the leadership team.
  2. If the poor behaviour continues, a verbal warning will be given to the cub.
  3. If the cub then carries on with the poor behaviour, they will be removed from the activity.
Cubs may also be removed from activities for more serious behaviour. This is at the discretion of the leader in charge.

Parents will be informed when a cub has been removed from an activity, and will also be informed of repeated poor behaviour over a series of cub-meetings. The support and cooperation of all parents in reinforcing these rules will ensure that our Cubs can enjoy and benefit from all our activities.